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Print and Cost Management

Our print management software suite helps organizations to reduce wastage, control printing, manage the cost and environmental impact of printing. 



  •  Manage print workflow to improve productivity and manage costs
  • Follow me print
  • Tracking and monitoring usage
  •  Cost recovery

Reporting capability to help business account for printing and



The software suite offered by Scope Business Imaging integrates with the Konica Minolta bizhub multifunctional devices and enables clients to digitize documents with speed and accuracy.


The software enables clients to:

  • Create searchable PDF’s and PDF/A
  • Transform paper based documents into electronic documents that can be searched by content
  • Convert hard copy documents to word, excel or PowerPoint

The integration enables uses to access these capabilities from the Konica Minolta bizhub touch panel.

Data Capture

This software suite expands on OCR software capabilities and enables paper based documents to be integrated into business process and workplace applications while reducing manual processing.


Data Capture software can help business to:

  • Easily access, modify, distribute and share information

Replace manual data entry with data capture technology that integrates with Konica Minolta devices


Access Codes – enter user PIN number in machine to release job.

ID & Print  - user swipe card or fingerprint to release job.

Secure Print – Locks the print job with PIN code unique to user.

Bizhub Secure- No data is stored on the machine which is compliant for auditing purposes with certification on the machine.

Follow Me Print – User can access file by swipe card from any machine in the company.   

Mobile Print

Page Scope

  • Mobile printing allows you to print and scan documents, photos and web pages, over a wireless network from a mobile device.
  • Smart phones, tablets or any mobile device can be connected to a networked printer anywhere at any time.
  • Increases productivity and save valuable time by not having to wait to transfer files or fire up a computer in order to print.


The PageScope Mobile app is available to download for free: (please insert App store and Google Play icon images and links to PageScope app to download)