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With Scope Business Imaging you get more.

Scope Business Imaging has been a leader in printer/photocopier document management solutions for Western Australian businesses since 1986. We started the business because there was a need for quality, prompt and reliable service to support business that relied heavily on printers and photocopiers to produce valuable documents. Headquartered in Perth, Scope has extensive local representation in the key regional locations of Bunbury, Karratha and Port Hedland in Western Australia and we are extremely proud to represent and work with our customers using these global brands.

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How can we help?

Log a Service or Fault Call

Submit your details to place a machine service fault.

Book a Consultation

Submit your details to arrange a consultation with one of our Business Development Managers in Perth, Bunbury, Karratha or Port Hedland.

Order Supplies

Please place an order for any consumables (e.g toner.)


Scope Business Imaging’s mission is simple – to help our clients realise the best performance from their document imaging machines through: 

Industry leading 2 hour service response time – maximises uptime + First Time Fix – efficient fault call solution + Local staff and technical support in each location to resolve any faults promptly and efficiently - to increase productivity + Preventative maintenance - to increase productivity and minimise downtime and extend product life + Document archiving and management – improved business process and productivity, mitigation of security, legal and regulatory risks + Scope Business Imaging is the largest independent dealer for Konica Minolta business equipment in Western Australia.


Don't know what you are looking for? 

The best guide is to understand how many pages you print per minute :)


Still confused? Scroll down to view our range

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Our machines are multi-talented and smart.


Multi-Function Devices: 55 Pages Per Minute and Above

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Multi-Function Devices: 30-55 Pages Per Minute


Multi-Function Devices 20-28 Pages Per Minute

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